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Makita Tools Corporation

Makita Tools Corporation Background

Makita tools is a top global tool manufacturing company with over 90 years of history based in Japan, and operates in USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, China, Romania, and Mexico with local factories. They manufacture their own branded Makita Tools for sale, consisting of professional and consumer power tools, hand tools, air tools and also gardening and other outdoor equipment. Makita’s main product lines include both cordless and regular power tools like hammer drills,  driver drills, angle drills, screwdrivers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, cutters, grinders, power planers, finishing sanders, trimmers, pneumatic tools, outdoor power equipment, blowers, and all kinds of hand tools.Makita Tools pictures

Makita Tools was founded in the year 1915 and initially started out as a repair shop in Nagoya Japan for such things as electric equipment and also all sorts of electric tools. Through the years, the reputation of Makita tools repair shop continued to get better and better and their efforts were rewarded in 1958 when they were able to manufacture their very own power tools. They began with just an electric planer and went public soon after in 1962. This enabled Makita tools to be known by 1969 as one of the leading Japanese tools manufacturer. Makita corporation is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq under stock symbol MKTAY and have over annual revenue of over US$1.8 billion.

For 45 years now, this company has made its mark in the tool industry as the leading company in the production of portable power tools. They have become quite popular especially in the construction industry where their tools are most required and which forms a large chunk of their customer base. Moreover, Makita tools have been designed to suit the increasingly changing needs of the customers who are always happy with the products and services they get. Makita produces quite a wide range of tools including jig saws, drills, hammers, circular saws, sanders, grinders and many more. They have expanded their horizons even further by producing woodworking machinery, garden tools and pneumatic tools.

To illustrate their unending vision for expansion, they introduced the cordless drill in 1978 into the tools market. This launch was a success and suddenly there was need to have factories in places like Canada, China and even the United states. The company also made a killing in sales when they introduced the cheaper Makita power tools for sale that were made in china and which were distributed all over Asia excluding Japan. This was in 2002. Like any good company does for its products, Makita tools come with a warranty. All the Makita tools go through intense inspection and testing before leaving the shop.

Any customer who buys Makita power tools and finds it lacking in one way or another is usually asked to return them within a month (30days) of purchase. After they inspect it they will decide whether the tool needs a refund or a replacement. The employees at Makita release their tools with a warranty that they are absolutely devoid of defects either of workmanship or of the materials used to make them up to after a year of purchase. The customers are usually encouraged that if the tool is defective then they should not hesitate to take it back to the Makita stores or service centers with the freight already paid for.

Makita Tools Replacement and Repairing service

Makita Tools Saws picturesMakita, after inspection of course, may decide to either replace or repair the used Makita tools free of charge if the result of the inspection shows that the problem lies with the workmanship in the tools. The warranty does not include the company’s accessories though. Customers are also made aware of the fact that the warranty becomes null and void if repair has been predone by other parties and a few other exceptions included on their website and in Makita tools manuals.

Makita Tools Parts

If the warranty does run out, you have a few other options of course. You can try diagnose the problem with your Makita tool and replace  with makita tools parts yourself.  First, you can download your makita tool’s product manual and the parts list online from makita’s website. Then you can search online for makita tools parts resellers, and should have no problem finding the parts you need to replace as there are quite a few online resellers available, selling the parts at reasonable prices.

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